Innvista Hotel


This is a typical package tourist hotel, claiming a 5 start status.
The location is close to a theme park, but without beach access. But there is a bus shuttle every 15 minutes from morning to 19:00 o’clock. The building is freshly renovated, with a huge welcoming lobby, several pools and restaurants. On the lower floor one can also find small shops, a hairdresser, doctor, Spa and indoor pool. Countless bars take care of drinks during the day and at night. The pool in the front is more for the quiet patrons, whereas the one in the back also hosts the waterpark for kids and the daycare center. The noise level varies a lot, but hey, one can choose.

Our room was very spacious, with a little balcony and a small TV. Watching TV from the bed was comparable watching youtube Videos on your iPhone. But who watches TV, right? Well, if the internet connection is as bad as in this hotel, it’s gonna be you. Good luck, during the night the broadwidth could be used by my iPad alone to download Amazon or Netflix episodes.

There is not a bad thing to say about the food though. No matter if breakfast, lunch or dinner, the variety was breathtaking. Salads, local foods, veggie, low carb, fish whatever you desire. The quality was also good. It’s a tough task not to end up in an eating frenzy. The only bad thing to say about the food & drinks are their cocktails. Very rarely a blender is used. Don’t order a Pina Coloda, otherwise they use Milk, Sirup and Pinapple juice without a single shake.
By the way, there is a limited choice for lunch at the beach too.


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