Have you ever seen Vienna at night?


There is this famous song from Austria’s local hero Reinhard Fendrich „Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen?“, which makes your mouth watery. Let me tell you, the city is even more beautiful at broad daylight.

A train leaves from Munich almost every hour. Of course you can also fly or ride on a bus, but it’ll only take  4 hours and while you look out of the window, green hills, lakes, small villages and remarkable cities such a Linz or Salzburg pass by.

The AirBnB appartment is a 20 minute walk on foot from main train station. It’s already noon and we are ready for a snack. First encounter with some really reasonable prices for an European capital. Munich is significantly more expensive. Once we have checked in, we leave the appartment to explore the city. This website is a great help to plan your stay. With half a day left we stick to the center of Vienna and see the Vienna State Opera, which is one of the top opera addresses in the world and also looks very intimidating from the outside. We admire the splendor and magnificence of the daily life of the noblest family of the Habsburg monarchy, who inhabited the Imperial Palace until 1918. On the opposite side of the boulevard one can visit  the Art History Museum, which was built in 1891, or just marvel the architecture. A few tram stops away it’s worth going to see the magnificent St. Charles’ Church.

The sidearm of the Donau river splits the city in two. Around Schwedenplatz big houseboats are permanently tied to the quay wall, offering sundowner, burger plus a gym and sweet water swimming pool on the river. It is very rewarding to sip a cocktail and watch the activities going on at the quay.

Suprisingly we aren’t exhausted and pay Prater a visit. Who would have thought, that Prater literally is like a permanent Six Flag without permission fee? There are nightclubs, restaurants and many different rides. Austrians seem to be obsessed with racing, since we find at least three cart racetracks, whereas one of them really provides bad-ass devices.

On day 2 we focus on things left from the website. But before we really dig in, I pick up something. See the look on your loved one’s face, when she processes the Robbie Williams concert tickets for tonight? Priceless!

Schönbrunn Palace is one of Europe’s most beautiful Baroque complexes and has been in the possession of the Habsburgs since 1569. The Baroque palace park belonging to Schönbrunn Palace was opened to the public in 1779. The park, together with Schönbrunn Palace, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1996. One can get lost in these park alleys and boulevards. The Palace is located just a little outside of Vienna, but easily reached by subway. A good half day well spent.

The rail jet leaves on time 16:30 to reach Munich 20:30. Enough time to relive the last 72 hours and make planes for new adventures. Salzburg for instance is definitely worth a visit. I heard, their christmas market is supposed to be magic.

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