London for the weekend


We booked a promotional fare with easyjet to London Gatwick and strangely return from Luton Airport. This kind of thing reminds me, how huge London City has grown. Four airports offer service to travelers (City of London, Heathrow, Gatwick & Luton).

Gatwick express runs every 20 minutes into the city (Victoria station). Although online tickets are cheaper, it is annoying and dispendable to register. Same thing when catching the easyjet bus to Luton. Eventually the login for the airline website doesn’t work with the bus service, which again is a flaw in the otherwise perfect public transportation operation of the capital city of England. Everyone probably has heard about the Oyster card, which can be topped up at literally every station. Users get specials with this NFC card, where the daily limit is the major one. You’ll never pay more than the price for a day ticket, after that all trips are automatically free. Oh, and for all travelers with a NFC credit card, don’t bother the detour with the oyster card. Just tap with your credit card at all the gates and you’ll receive all the benefits too.

Due to our airbnb location we ride the Emirates cable car to the Greenwich peninsula with the massive o2 event arena across the river. Money worth spend, the ride is quick, the view spectacular and educational after all. While in Greenwich the park makes sense. Unfortunately the Meridian now is fenced in and they charge +10p for adults. That is a rip off in my opinion. Even my drone isn’t able to find the spot from up in the air, but at least it takes a couple of nice shots of London’s skyline. It’s Saturday and London prepares itself for one of the biggest marathons in the world. So riding the bus is recommendable today with all the roadblocks in place by tomorrow. We cover many of the important sites such as London bridge, Tower bridge, Westerminster Abby with Big Ben, St. James Park, Hyde Park, Notting Hill and London eye.

Since London is Europe’s most CCTV city, it feels strange to launch the drone. But I always choose spots either in parks or river banks, where the drone can’t do any harm if it will fall out of the sky. It actually almost did in Hyde Park by the way. The compass was completely off and the device buzzes randomly. Kinda scary, if it doesn’t react to any controls. But I got it back to me and catch it out of the sky. Lucky me.
On Monday I explore London by myself. The weather looks perfect during breakfast and gets worse by the minute. It is very cloudy on the brink of rain. the Olympic Park seem like a great idea. I have to say, the stadium isn’t by far as exciting as the one in Munich, same es the park. Apparently London needs the space so new real estate projects are eating up the space towards the arena. When the weather turns wet, I go back to the huge westfield mall and spend some time indoors. Lunch at Shake Shack, while blogging and watching a TV show.
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