Nando’s, London


Yeah I know, it’s a chain. But hey, when do you have the chance to eat something really rare (or exotic)? See, don’t think of Nando’s like of McDonald’s, because it is a completely different experience.

First of all, it is an actual restaurant. The staff is bending over backwards to make you happy, which starts at the entrance where a host guides you to your table. Once you have chosen your meal, off you go to the counter and don’t forget your table number. Oh, and don’t go there, if you are a vegetarian. The place is all about chicken and therefore at least on has to die.

Chicken Butterfly is awesome. As a rookie I decide to go with Medium spicy and I assume “hot” would be ok also. But you have to try all the sauce from the open bars. Just grab some of them while refilling your soda.

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