Lake Garda South & West


The eventful history of the Penisula has had many hights and lows, but Sirmione has never lost its magic.
Be there Romans or Cimbrians, Goths or Avars, Scaligers or Venetians, all where touched by its fabulous charm. The island reaches out on Lake Garda like an arm. The Romans had built two castles, two harbours, a settlement and the gigantic villa that rises on rocks and powerfully towers on the lake. Day or night, the ancient fortress at the tip of the island is worth a visit. The alleyways are very crowded and one can buy ice cream literally at every corner.

Our journey leads us north on the west coast of Lake Garda, passing by Salo, Gargnano, Maderno and Riva. Every here and there motorbike groups enjoy the ride of their life through curvy roads and dark tunnels. Sometimes cyclists fight with the up and downs of the western passage. In Maderno we stop for a late lunch outside. The sun is already strong enough for a sunbath in a light sweater. Along the way one should stop at every possible occasion to have a look at the lake, the east coast or the surrounding mountain ridge.

We leave the valley of Lake Garda on SS45 passing Lake Toblino. Obviously not the popular road, but nonetheless attractive. Our destination for tonight is Meran.

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