Men’s gettaway in Chilla Valley


As usual we take Friday off and drive south towards Zillertal. Across from the chair lift we reside in a little appartment. Basic, but clean and warm, what else do three male need for a winter holiday. Our ride is a Tesla Model S. Although we travel light, the trunk is almost full. At our destination the weather forecast is almost perfect: sunshine, blue sky but no powder.

We get up kinda early and make it to the slopes by 10ish. Usually I’m a bit earlier, but those are no powder days. It is very surprising, that there are no lines neither on Friday, Saturday nor Sunday. Not only our ride is cool, we also carry a DJI Mavic Pro. The picture quality is amazing, but unfortunately there are some issues with the DSM controller. Eventually we aren’t able to fly very much, especially the “follow me” mode cannot be verified. It would have been awesome to check, if the drone will follow someone riding down the slopes.

After three days of sunshine, almost no action at nights we have to report one injured. On one of the final runs Jochen falls in a little, soft snow bump but really hurts his shoulder. He is on leave for 2 weeks.

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